Codrops Draggable Dual View Slideshow

A great way to show nodes.... Through the pictures you can see node by node by dragging, using the navigation arrows on the keyboard or using the arrows link.

By pressing down or clicking the arrow, the rest of the node opens.

There's more ... There is also a second display. You get it by clicking on the icon at the top, right.

You get (for wide screens) a smaller display. Double-click to open the node. 

For small screens (smartphone) this functionality is not available. The link is invisible.

How to use.. A content type is created to make the nodes: 'Drag node'. Each node has a title, short description, image (1X) and a body with formatting option. Make a few of these nodes.

Finally you create content from the content type: 'Drag View.' Here you only need a title. The module does the rest. 


1) This module uses the Stark theme. Make this theme active (not default) and if necessary, hide all the blocks that interfere. Certainly leave the content block, otherwise you see nothing.

2) Install the third party in the "libraries" folder.

3) Install the dependencies:

4) install the module

5) Add content to the nodes, type Drag node.

6) Create a node, type Drag view and enjoy ... Important. If you are logged in as administrator you can not see the presentation . This has to do with the admin theme. See it in another browser or log out.