Bootstrap Basic Image Gallery

One that makes me happy. Especially since Fotorama is not really maintained.

It creates a responsive image gallery for a field in a content type.

If you use the default (automatically library is downloaded via a CDN) than it works, but not on smartphones. A disappointment.

Therefore, I set not downloading the scripts. 

But I use the bootstrap library module.


 At the time of this writing, the Bootstrap version 4 is not working propperly. Hence the choice of the third version.

Now go into the display of your field and set the gallery.

The thumbnails per row will not work properly ... Changing them does not work at this time.

Clicking triggers a popup with slideshow.

The display of some pictures...

If you hover on an image the picture appears immediately.

And when clicked, you see the slide show.

A promising module with some problems at this moment... Still worth the effort. Also on small screens the gallery works well.