Download the latest drupal version here.


Go to the control panel ( File Manager) from your host or use an FTP program to upload this file to the map public_html.


Extract the file and you get a map 'drupal-8.x.x'. Move all files from that map to the root. Now everything is ready to start the install drupal

pak uit

Select in the control panel MySQL Database and create a database, a user name en pasword. Sometimes you need also to set the user rights (select them all).

maak database

gebruiker en wachtwoord

You start the real installation to navigate to your domain.
In the first screen you choose your language.


In the next screen you choose for the standard because it will also install the commonly used features.


Drupal checks first of your hosting offers the minimum requirements (PHP en MySQL-version) and reports what is wrong.



Next fill in the name, username en password of your database.

database configuratie

The installation continue automatic and install all translations if you have choose for another language then English.

Next you need to insert the name and e-mail of your website, the username, pasword and e-mail of the webmaster.

configuratie site

To complete the installation you insert the regional settings and default time zone and click a last time on save and continue.
Your site is ready to explore and further development.

regionale settings

Externe film