This tutorial contains some hint for the contributors. The contribute to the didactical content of this site. They can change their profile en present themselves with their Drupal comptences en achievements.. Would you like to contribute? Ask an account using the contact form

Adding content

Log in with drupal8.support/user. Log out with drupal8.support/user/logout.

Go to the link. You can contribute with 3 content types. If it concerns a module choose module. If the content is more general use the other one. You can add a complete exercise concerning a subject. You can also change the contributions from others. You can, for instance, add content to some contribution, i already started.


You get this input form. Mind the 2 same symbols at the right. The first is the build in tool from Drupal 8. The second is the IMCE tool. Ik recomend this one. Drupal 8 has a build in multiupload function. You select multiple pictures and you can insert them all together. After that you can add the text. Easy...


Use a personal folder for your pictures.


Example of a multiple insert of pictures.


Don't forget to set the full HTML using pictures.


You can also add links of any kind. To a download page, extra info...


The difficulty rate must be filled in.

No need to add a menu link. Your contribution will be visible at the pront page view or in the views with the modules. Mind that you can not see a contribution if the language is not correctly set and their is not yet a translation.


If the content is in English, i shall translate it into Dutch for you.


To make a print, many tools exist. I work with Greenshot. (http://greenshot.nl.softonic.com/)


It is free and it saves the files automaticaly in a chosen folder with a chosen name. In combination with the IMCE it is fun.

The files have a very acceptable size.


If you take a print, focus on the essentials. Don't make them to wide. Smartphone user will be gratefull...