Number of modules


A very useful module, for example, to use in reference fields. Complex because of the configuration.

The Feeds module to import data is not usable without Feeds Tamper.

A module that allows you to transfer content from one node to a new node in another content type.

If you are updating your website, it is recommended to put your site in maintenance mode.

A module that prohibits you, even as logged in admin, to change the configuration.

Drupal has a simple system that allows you to respond to nodes. It is the 'comment' field.

This module adds a field formatter that expands and collapses to obscure content that is longer than desired.

A simple but very useful module that ensures that the title of an image is shown at the bottom of the image.

By default, Drupal provides the ability to add a comment as a field in the content type.

A module where you first have to think about the usefulness of it ...

A module, specially made for Drupal 8. Creates a slideshow with images, videos and even views. Fully responsive.

It is common for internal links to be opened in the same window and external links in a new window.

When installing the Leaflet module you can choose from one card type (OSM Mapnik).

In collaboration with the Leaflet module ensures that markers that are close to each other are displayed as a number.

A module that you have to install with composer because there are corresponding libraries.

This module will help you to enter the latitude / longitude coordinates in a Geofield field.

A field type with which you can enter coordinates for a location determination.

In addition to Honeypot and Captcha, this is an interesting safeguard to prevent forms from being filled in by spam robots.

Views slideshow is a convenient way to propose content. She uses the third party 'Cycle' library.

A menu block that stays on the edge ... even with images as a menulink .. This module takes care of that.

The input form of a content type can be entered step by step with this module. An alternative to Field Group.

A calendar with the holidays ... On clicking you can easily indicate the holidays as an admin.

A module that allows to create a field for the input of time or time range.

Very handy module that allows the content to be adjusted in a view.

There is something like 'field validation', which determines what is allowed to be typed in a field and what is not.

Drupal has its built-in text editor.

You want to mail from your site, but with an external mail address. Eg Gmail. That is possible with this module.

An image field can be represented as an image, but also as a link (URL). Click (on your own site) to see the image.

Simple module with many possibilities.

A module that really should not exist, but Drupal 8 Rules remains so defective.

With this module you can transfer nodes from one content type to another. The fields must of course be of the same nature.

Turns a simple text field display into a marquee. Add some CSS to the .marquee class yourself.

By default, the title of a node is offered as a block. Usually this block is placed at the top of the content.

Handy module that turns a view into a timeline. The word timeline can be interpreted broadly.

You have a large number of users that you want to import in a particular role from a CSV file? This is possible.

A simple module that exports all nodes of a certain content type via a CSV file.

This module is just the opposite as Blockfield. It converts a field into a block.

Bookings are normally carried out with the BAT module. A fairly complex module created by the Roomify team.

This module allows you to display one or more fields as a link. By clicking or hovering this link a popup screen appears.

A nice and compact way to display the social media links.

Go to the settings 

Nice image gallery for imge fields and views, completely responsive.

This module allows you to edit images online.

A clever module ... Ensures that you can provide some animations when scrolling.

Is the same as for the content type permissions, but now for blocks. As blocks are used more and more... very usefull..

Easy module that itself depends on the Fontawesome module that can work with a CDN.

From Drupal 8.5 on this modules has been included in the core. It is simular to Panels...

Activate in the core.

One we were waiting for, especially because of the CSV possibility. It is completely different than in Drupal 7 ...

You can get the attention of the visitor, by converting a block on a page, into a popup.

Nice way to display images in a view, with a roundabout gallery.

Admin Menu Search intends to help admin to search through the list of menus available in Drupal Toolbar providing autocomplete

The module create a styled Google map.

With the Facet module, site builders can easily create and manage facets of search interfaces.

This module allows you to determine access at content type level.

You can use CSS to make every piece of your page Sticky. A menu bar then remains at the top when scrolling.

This modules provides the possibility not only to login with your username but also with your email address

Full Calendar views is een module to make a calendar view of your events.

This module is at the core and allows you to edit content 'quickly'.

The link field can be set globally at the view to open the links in another window or the same.

A module that hides some things for the user.

A module that allows you to choose a color. You wonder what this can serve for? Well ...

We have seen several modules for making image styles..

Add some hovr effects on your images in nodes and views.

If you want to change content, taxonmy, users, ... in the future, you can set a bookmark.

This module is needed in combination with modules like 'Mailing List'.

This module creates a complete new entity: Mailing lists. 

Nice Menus allows you to use an alternative menu type. It becomes Nice by putting some CSS by yourself...

This module allows you to set levels into your menu display.

An example of a menu structure

You have a view with an email field. With this module you can send row by row. Using tokens you can personyze your message.

Every time somebody uses the contact form a mail is sent.  This modules stores every mail into the Drupal database.

This module allows you to do more with menu's. There are a lot of configurations to explore. Columns, depths, effects,...

You need this module for installing the Adaptive Theme. AT stands for Adaptive Theme.

You need the Views Bulk Operations module for this one..

A module that has been integrated into Drupal 8 core. You don't need it unless you want to use the Views Bulk Edit module.

An almost useless module but it is fun.

If you use a star rating field than you have to fill in the number (1-10).

This module will provide simple Login and Register link as a block plugin, which will load the Drupal Login form and Register f

Embed a view in a node. I a text field you can apply the filter if your Full HTML configuration is correct.

Add nodes into a content type.

You want every visitor who types in the url without https //: to end up on the secure site.

Display of images in nodes and views with this simple module. No third party needed.


Simple module that allows you to select multiple items in a organized way..

Simple module that allows you to choose for every node of for a content type to show or hide the node title.

A usefull way of selecting large numbers of items. Integer, text, references, taxonomy,..

Activate the widget

A taxonomy structure can be very complex. This module filters the child items.

The structure:

If you have a structure in your taxonomy terms, you better use this widget...

Drupal 8 has references as default in the core. You don't need modules for that. Who needs this module? Well...

You have a list in a field of your content type. eg monday, tuesday, wednesday,... etc.

The built in grid system is not really responsive. This column system is.

You want to hide some menu-items for some visitors? This module makes it happen.

This simple module allows you to add another node when saving one.

A module that does not seem to be really useful at first sight, but still has its usefulness.

This module lets images float left and right in the CKEditor alternately.

As administrator you get a 'clone content' button. Default the name of the clone is... yep 'Clone of'...

On a Drupal site, one uses a lot of images and files... The name of these files is the same on the server as on your computer.

A view to manage all your settings. Works with Panels and Page Manager, so you can change what you see yourself.

A module specially made for administrators.. One can make views with it that go into the Drupal core for its content.

Pages can be protected with a password. You can use a global password.

Nice module that groups blocks from a block region into an accordeon structure.

Generates a weather block with the forecast (from all over the world)

A nice widget to upload and manage your images in an image field.

Configure in the input form

Another gallery for displaying multiple images in a field. Fully responsive and swipeable.. or watch the slider..

Usefull tool to display source code in your CKEditor. Making less mistakes..

You want to know how many visitors your nodes have? Even for every role?


Keeps field content unique. In every content type a new tab appears.

Simple module that allows you to override the field label in the display of the field.

Translate the content of your site with Google Translate... Not always correct, but the visitor knows what you want to say...

Strange name for this module..that makes working with Paragraphs very easy.

A smaller version f the CSS injector module (part of the Asset injector). The CSS applies on a whole theme (or not).

Nice module but needs a lot of pictures.. Display of beautiful 360 degrees subject.

Pager to use within a content type. Each node will show a pager with previous and next nodes.

A auto increment field. Can be used for invoice numbers...

To comply with the European cookie law... One of the cookie messages..

If you use floating blocks (with a little CSS) in your nodes or views, the heigth of the blocks are not equal.

A module that makes a content type 'Guestbooks', together with a block to show the contributions.

The Field Group Module allows you to use tabs and accordions for your field structure, for the input and output modes.

If you want to use a table in the CKEditor you need to fill in the number of rows and columns as numbers.

Module that adds a watermark on an image. There is a batch tool to do so on file level.

You could expect that the label changes depending on the number of a number field. Like 1 person, 2 persons.

In stead of showing a message in maintenance mode, you can redirect towards your old site or any site you want.

Avoid dead links in search engines. When changing a path or deleting it, redirect towards a new one.

In stead of the flags list.. a dropdown.

Helps you to fill in the date-time content.

Initially made for tagging faces in an image. You can use this also to put info on the image. Use the new field.

Makes a block with the links of the node you're watching. Filter the block tot the content type you are using.


It may be usefull to display a duration of time in stead of two dates.

An image of the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) type can not be used in Drupal.

A simple module that allows you to hide the title, by typing <none> as node title.

A date field than can be displayed in three different countdowns.. text, Led and clock display.

A default search page looks for content in all content types.

A special area for catching attention..Boxout. It has his own layout. (see the box on the right)

These module allows you to make responsive columns in a textfield, using CKEditor.

You want your posts from facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, linkedin, instagram.. on your website?

Add text to an image. On hovering the text appears.

Don't confuse with Background Images Formatter. They are similar.

Simple module that allows you to add a modal message to a page.

A special one... Owl Carousel has a Drupal8 release, who is not working (yet).

This module offers you limited import possibilities. You can not compare it with Feeds CSV import. Still...

This slideshow works with all the fields you want. It is a double third party.

A discovery... this one. A third party module that shows a view with animated transitons when filtering.

I was waiting for this one.. It automatically makes inks to nodes and taxonomy terms.

Handy scrollbar to present lang texts. Put third party library in libraries/slimScroll

This module allows you to use pictures in the CKEditor text fields that popup by clicking. It is not a gallery..

Give your CKEditor page a structure.

Use a button to embed a video using the URL (below in the middle)

With this module one can choose the order symbols (a few). Do not espect the Word possibilities though..

As simple as can be. Install third party library and click..

In the CKEditor one can adjust the size of rows and columns with the table interface.

After installation of the third party library you can activate two buttons.

Integration of tabs into the CKEditor.. After installation one can activate the button


After installation one can activate the button (fifth of the left)

You want to copy all active modules from server A to server B. Easy... with this module

Simple gallery that occurs after clicking a picture.

Set the display mode.

This module allows you to choose an image style while adding pictures in the CKEditor upload manager

This is the reverse Insert module. You add images into the textfield.

Simple gallery that shows when clicking the pictures. Choose the imagestyle you want.

Slick has a whole collection of modules to support it. You can combine them with other modules.

Administrators can show their files to any visitor on a nice way.

Nice presentation of pictures.

When adding the examples, you have nodes and even views to look at.

You can embed a view into a field with this module. Handy to navigate to other nodes you want to display.

This module creates a block that allows you to configure a copyright message by using the available tokens.

A CKEditor plugin that allows you to add a wide range of symbols.

Adding links to an image...Select the area, set the tooltip and link. Done...

A mobile first module that allows you to make an image gallery with swipe function.

You can choose the swiper type

This is a full responsive menu with colums and block possibility. Look at the complete tutorial.

Suppose you need a content type that resembles an existing one or you need a backup inclusive the content..

A simple module that allows you to add a rating field. Choose type and color.

You want a background image that changes form time to time. So a visitor sees different things..

Together with Elastic Email, MailChimp is a very popular way of sending large amounts of mails for newsletters.

Together with MailChimp, Elastic Email is a very popular way of sending large amounts of mails for newsletters.

This is a simple version of a webshop. It allows you to add the shopping possibility to a common content type.

Use a textfield and set the formatter.

Simple module that allows you to add classes and ID's when importing pictures with the Drupal 8 CKEditor.

When you want to use a piece of content several times in a textfield, you can make a Box first and reuse it when needed.

This module provides a block showing the last posts of your Facebookaccount.

This module allows you to add a lot of custom effects to an image such as blur, mirror, ...

Do some maths with 2 fields.

Use teh filed and configure.

This module cumulates the value of a field.

How many persons do participate at the BBQ? (1+2=3)

Displaying fields, depending on the content of other fields..You even can adapt content, depending on other content?

This module displays content in a compact way.

Handy tool for displayng views content. Choose Vertical tabs and fields.

The only thing this module does is counting the items and showing which ones you are watching.

Beside Masonry and Waterfall, views has a photo display of his own. Install the module.. done..

Small tool that allows you to show the password. Default the password is revealed. You can turn it off...

If you use Google Drive, you can share content and embed this into your site.

The Coming Soon modules allows you to add a "coming soon" page to your website, with a fully responsive template, that can be e

This module provides extra formatter to core's integer field. It creates an picture like below.

As the name says... you have a new fieldtype: Tables.

One to remember, even if it is a complex one..Show for every breakpoint an other image..

If you use a taxonomy vocabulary with several levels, you can use this module to filter in steps..

An example..

A Colorbox presentation with zoom possibilities.

When using the reference field you have to configure the type in advance (Content, Comment, User, Taxonomy,..)

You can order your content display by using blocks, choosing to show or hide the blocks on content types, nodes, themes,..

In the teaser mode you want to trim the textfields. You can do this using the amount of characters.

Everything about content is called 'entity' in Drupal: nodes, menus, blocks, taxonomy,...

Exposed filters in a view.. Without the module an exposed filter looks like this...

This module is here to alleviate frustration when trying to manage permissions in Drupal.

A simple module to allow the Pinterest On Hover Pin It button to be added for images on the site.

Easy module to install.

This module should be in the core... a long time ago.

Install and enable the module.

With this module you can quickly generate dummy content, menus, terms, users and vocabularies.

This module is simular to the module back to top.
Install and enable the module.

Showing or hiding a field depending on a value of another field...At the content types there is now a tab: manage dependencies

The commerce module has to be installed with Composer..The Commerceguys provide now an alternative.

In the view one can use now a PHP field

Go to the text format settings and enable the filter.

This module allows you to capture content from another site. For security reasons this is depreciated.

You want a default textfield every time the node shows? This module does the job. Set the input not visible if needed.

Nice way to add images into an image field. You can select: delete, rearrange, full view mode,..

Allows you to put a title on every text field.

The Commerce module has a lot of built in tools as taxes, discount, mailsystem,..

This module adds a new display style to views

A slideshow presentation like many in Drupal.

The display of an image field can be put into an image style. Some images are portret, others are landscape oriented.

If you use the teephone module, than this is a handy one...It checks the number of digits in the context of the country code.

An email field is easy to be indexed by spam bots. This tool makes it more difficult.

Look at the source code..

Very simple module that allows you to use duration in stead of time formats. Has some display modes too...

You want to use images between text in your CKEditor, but you want to use image styles too... It is possible.

This module takes some time to install, but it is a useful tool. You need to install 5 modules and 3 third parties.

Sometimes it is useful to change themes on one site. Views and blogs display in some themes better than in others.

Simple module that allows you to display several images in a compact way.

This module competes with the Bricks module for Bootstrap. A little bit less flexible, but more settings for the layout.

You want to clone a content type with the fields, without content? This module allows you to do so. Look at the tab: Tools.

A big one...It can be considered as a replacement for Display suite, Panels and Paragraphs..

You want a background image in a node or a view...without writing CSS. This module does the job..

Do you want to know how your pages look in all devices? This modules makes a simulation...

I like this one...Not applicable in a view but so nice in a field with several images...

The module allows you to make a PDF print of nodes and views. (later Word and Epub).

On loading heave pages and forms, you can set this symbol. It covers the whole screen.

Hany module to navigate between nodes of a content type.

Configure the content types.

An interactive field to express your estimation.

This module creates an "office hours" or "opening hours" field.
It have also an 'open now'/'closed now' indicator.

Drupal has a built in revision system to detect changes in the versions of content. You need to enable it.

You want to show a message on your site or as a popup? Use the module...

You want to give permission to somebody to add or edit content? You want them not to add content in some paticular fields...

When you want to have a form as a popup, here is the module for it...

This module helps you to make appointments. It needs some explanation...

Your working with the CKEditor and you want to add a picture. Just copy-paste it! The image will upload itself automatically.

Sometimes a field can be dependent from other fields. With this module you can fill it in with tokens and/or text.

You can make any element sticky. That means that you keep it visible at all times.

If there is a reference in a content type towards other content, users, taxomomy terms,...

This module makes it easy to work with persons and their rights. A school with classes for example..

Google analytics generates statistics. Who visited your site, when, from where, how often, wich browser,...?

This handy module allows you to give view permission of a node, to any person or role.

Planned publishing and depublishing of nodes... use this simple module.


For security reasons it is necessary to change passwords regulary.

This one you need to install with composer. It contains the CSV serialization and he needs composer.

In the core of Drupal 8. You have to do these settings in the CKEditor (eg full HTML)

First you make a vocabulary with the terms.

In Drupal you can set permissions on content types.

Webshops are very popular. We looked forward to the new Drupal 8 Commerce module and his extentions.

Same as Masonry, but for views. It fills the empty spaces..

Masonry has the possibility to fill in the empty spaces. Not only with images, but with all content.

This module is necessary to configure Panels. Not an easy one... You can use Panelizer instead. Panelizer is easier.

Needed to configure Panels.

Panels is together with Display suite, capable of structuring your content.

Sending newsletters in problem. Send them scheduled with Simplenews Scheduler and Swiftmailer.

The module depends on the Simplenews module. You can plan the sending of the newsletters as you wish.

First you make a date field in a content type.

Now you use the views template module to make the calendar.

This module makes views templates, ready to use. Calendar is one of them. Activate and choose...

A very usefull and simple module. Adds a button that leads you to the top of the page with some javascipt effect.

This module comes with the Workbench and Workbench Moderation modules.

Content can be maintained by a team. Permissions can be set by role.

This module produces some views in order to see the changes made by users, using the Workbenck Moderation module.

Usually a part of the commerce webshop range...Now as stand alone available. All the physical aspects of a product...

This module has to be installed with Composer (see contribution Composer).

This module is a basic mail module. Often used in combination with other modules like Swiftmailer.

This module needs Composer to install it. (see Composer contribution)

The module allows site administrators to switch users (with their ol and permissions) and surf the site as tha

You can add a field to a content type that contains a view.

This module give you the ability to the module you are looking for

Install and enable the module.

A big one...this is...A large improvement in comparence with Drupal 7. A very popular one too..

This module adds an extra field to the form. Users don't see this field, spam bots do.

Use a field in your content type as a view. With the Drupal 7 EVA module and view field module it was possible..

Tables are responsive in Drupal 8 views if you do the settings. You can eliminate some colums if the screen is narrow.

Bootstrap is a CSS/Javascript system with prebuild classes. If you know how to use is fun.

This modules uses the built in Display Modes possibility in Drupal 8.

A simple module that is very usefull for lang list. Certainly if multiselect is possible.

Features is a popular module with millions of downloads...You can export contentypes and view with it.

You can add a CSS class to a link. Very usefull if you want different buttons on one page.

Choose this option:

This module makes me happy...

This module shows pictures in a gallery. Je can choose between a free lite version or a paying pro version.

Every site wants a good search engine ranking. The metatag modules is needed for that as well as this module.

You are able to add a Like button which likes a given URL (static, e.g.

A very usefull module. The order of the items in a view are sorted by name, date, ...Suppose you want something different?

Has been integrated in the Redirect module. So gets no support any more in Drupal 8.

This module allows the administrator to redirect a URL to an other, in case the first one does not exist any more.

This module was needed for the Field Formatter Class module. Now it is in the core.

In Drupal 7 this module was depending on the Field Formatter Settings module. Now it stands alone.

You want an other font family. A beautiful one.. There is a problem.

If you want a mulitilanguage site, you have to activate the language modules built in the core.

Focal Point allows you to specify the portion of an image that is most important.

The module does wat it says... Embedding a block into a node field.

This module allows you to use a field in a view that embeds another view. When do you need this? Lets us use an example.

This module provides a views table style with rows and columns flipped.

You need 2 modules for this one.. Image Widget Crop and the Crop module itself. You can crop a image field with it.

You can add a zoom effect on an image field with this module. Read first the instructions...

This module makes a block with the functionality of the contact form. Give it a place and done...

This is the easy version of GMap...

This module allows you to disable modules just lik in Drupal 7. In Drupal 8 this is no longer possible.

You choose the moment of publishing-depublishing, promotion to the front page- or not, granting users permissions- or not,...

This module provides a widget that can be used in reference fields.

The book module is present in the core. This was already so in Drupal 7.

The module offers three items.

The built in search page has a number of configurations...

Toxonomy is being used to group content with the same tags.

Add autocomplete functionality to the views filter text fields.   It works for node t

The Coffee module helps you to navigate through the Drupal admin faster.

Views infinite scroll allows you to load and display pages of any view inline.

ReCaptcha is, just like Captcha a security tester. It looks if you are human... and not a robot password generator...

Every form has a vulnerability. Programs kan generate passwords and fill in the text fields. Captcha helps to avoid this.

Computed Field lets you add a custom "computed fields" to your content types.

Video Embed field creates a simple field type that allows you to embed videos

Audio Field module adds new field that allows you to upload and play audio files

This plugin module adds the better link dialog and anchor

The PHP Filter module adds a PHP filter to your site, for use with text formats.

This module allows you to save your database en restore it if neccesary.

Sometimes it's necessary that anonymous visitors or even certain roles (or persons) may not see certain content.

The Google QR Code Generator module display a block containing a QR code for the curr

The Poll module allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions

With the PrintFriendly & PDF module  print pages without coding, css, or print.css or

The module ShareThis integrate social bookmarking utility on the node types you want.

Radix layout offers you extra responsive panels layouts for Panopoly and the Radix themes wit

Geolocation Field provides a field type to store geographical locations as p

The modules provides a configurable block that display links (icons) to your profiles on

You can add a title, CSS classes and ID's to a link in your build in Drupal 8 text editor (= Drupal 7 CKeditor).

This module can turn every view into a slideshow. Pictures, text,...

The module has another name in Drupal 8: Image Effects.

Display suite (short DS) is very popular.

This module provides a formatter for the File field type, which presents the file as a fully

Twitter Block is a lightweight module which allows administrators to create blocks which display embedded time

The Image Effects module provides a suite of additional image effects that can be added to im

The field group module adds tabs (horizontal, vertical, accordeon,..) to the input and/or output of a content type.

After the installation of the field collection module, you can make subfields in a field.

Colorbox is a  'third party' module. It has files that need to be uploaded.

Put them in the correct folder..

The Contact module allows site visitors to send emails to other authenticated users

The Ban module allows an administrator to ban visits to his/her site from specifick I

The Telephone module allows you to create fields that contain telephone numbers.

The basic mail module is one of the new core modules and let you add an email address

One of the most powerfull mudules in Drupal. It is implemented in the core in Drupal 8.

This module has been put together with the CSS injector module into the

This module has been put together with the JS injector (Javascript injector) into the new

Admin Toolbar intends to improve the default Drupal Toolbar (the administration menu at the top of your site)

this module (Site Map) has another name in Drupal 8 (Sitemap) and does not get further suppor

This module (the drupal 8 version of Site Map) provides a sitemap that gives visitors an overview

This module replaces the CSS injector module and the JS injector module from Drupal 7!.

This module has been moved to the Drupal 8 core together with the Localization update module.

This module has been moved to the Drupal 8 core.

The XML sitemap module creates a sitemap conforms to the specification

Pathauto can automatically create aliases for the core c

This module allows you to configure metatags and discriptions for search engine purposes.

This module provides symbols if the link is external or maillink


As you have the possibility to upload files with the build in tool from CKEditor (in the core), one should not have to use IMCE

Needed for the EU... Enable the popup and give it a background color.

Allows you to give attributes to a menu item. You can give a CSS class and choose the window.

This module counts the number of clicks on a link. Interesting for sponsoring...

This module allows you to put an internal link to existing content. So you can combine your nodes the easy way.

This core module provides a link field. The reult is a hyperlink to the content of the field.