Views Slideshow Cycle2

Views slideshow is a convenient way to propose content. She uses the third party 'Cycle' library.

There has always been a problem to make this completely responsive. Witness the years of discussions on the forums.

An example ... when resizing your screen from large to small ... The image is responsive but the block is not. The content is much too low. By updating your browser you can solve this, but this is not really professional.



Jquery Carousel

Another gallery for displaying multiple images in a field. Fully responsive and swipeable.. or watch the slider..

I like the possibilities and the simplicity of this module.


Vertical.. yes


Look at all these settings..


jQuery Auto Height

If you use floating blocks (with a little CSS) in your nodes or views, the heigth of the blocks are not equal. Sometimes it is more beautiful if the height is the same.

This module looks in a row what is the highest block and addapts all the other heights. It is responsive. In every screen, with different blocks, it looks to the highest block in the row.

Three blocks in a row.


Two blocks in a row...

Owl Carousel (Owl)

A special one... Owl Carousel has a Drupal8 release, who is not working (yet). There is a working Owl Module, but you won't find it in

If you should install the Owl Carousel en find out it is not working, the help sends you towards the Owl module...



De Owl module has to be installed manually..



A discovery... this one. A third party module that shows a view with animated transitons when filtering.

Install the third party. Take only what is necessary. The download has a lot more..


Make a content type with an imagefield and a multiple reference field (eg taxonomy). It has to be multiple!

Make the view.


Inline Responsive images

This module allows you to choose an image style while adding pictures in the CKEditor upload manager

First do the settings in the text formats eg Full HTML. Choose one setting. OR the common style OR the resposive style. Not both of them (yet).


One can even look at the preview..



A mobile first module that allows you to make an image gallery with swipe function.

You can choose the swiper type


The module uses classes that comes with the third party.


Download the files and folders and put them in the Libraries folder.