Elevate Image Zoom

A clever representation of images in one field. The module provides a performance similar to Fotorama but also has a zoom capability.

It is a third party.


Na de installatie komt er bij de weergave een mogelijkheid bij.



Image with Title

A simple but very useful module that ensures that the title of an image is shown at the bottom of the image. So you do not need an extra field. Just make sure you can fill in the title.



A module where you first have to think about the usefulness of it ... It converts text fields (also title field) to an image (in png). You can set background and letter color. With the module there are also a number of fonts, but you can add them yourself. All text, becomes an image.

When would you be able to use this in nodes and / or views?


A module, specially made for Drupal 8. Creates a slideshow with images, videos and even views. Fully responsive.

It is a third party.


The slideshow is built separately from any content type. You can set it up via content


Image URL Formatter

An image field can be represented as an image, but also as a link (URL). Click (on your own site) to see the image. Logical.

If you send the view via e-mail or newsletter, you will also see the link, but then relatively .. Starting with / sites / default / files / ... which of course does not work as a link from an external environment.

This module ensures that you can also view your images with an absolute link.


Image Edit

This module allows you to edit images online.


It is a third party module. Follow the link on the site en download the files.


Place the only file here!


Image effect

We have seen several modules for making image styles.. (eg Focal Point, Imagick,..) This one is interresting for making images of the same size without loss of pixels. The empty space is filled with a white background.

An example.


Look at the empty space above en beneath.