External Body Linker

It is common for internal links to be opened in the same window and external links in a new window. This module will automatically take care of this if you make links in the CKEditor. The check mark to automatically detect a link must of course be turned on. You do not need to check anything for this module yourself. She does not work retroactively. The old nodes must be saved again.


The code target = "_ blank" is automatically added to external links.

Leaflet More Maps

When installing the Leaflet module you can choose from one card type (OSM Mapnik). With this module you can choose from about twenty. Eg a satellite map, a road map, ...


An example...


Also with Google maps...


Leaflet Markercluster

In collaboration with the Leaflet module ensures that markers that are close to each other are displayed as a number. When zooming in, they will be visible separately. You can use it in views.

It is a third party


An example. Watch the number...


Zooming in...


A module that you have to install with composer because there are corresponding libraries. Leaflet provides a map output for the Geofield. You can set this when displaying the field.

If Googlemaps is going to be paid, this module will become very popular, I think ... Uses open source folders ...


You can even create and use the marker yourself.


This module will help you to enter the latitude / longitude coordinates in a Geofield field.

Must be installed with Composer as a library comes along.

At the settings of the module you tick which services (= type of cards) you want to use.


With some you have to fill in extra information. Eg the Googlemap key if you want to use this.


A field type with which you can enter coordinates for a location determination. This module almost always forms the basis for an output with a card. You then need other modules for that.

You can choose input from different options.


Latitude / longitude



In addition to Honeypot and Captcha, this is an interesting safeguard to prevent forms from being filled in by spam robots.

It works with Javacript and it checks whether the mouse is moved and / or swiped (mobile). Robots do not do this. The browser must allow Javascript (usually of course), otherwise you will get a notification.

It seems to be better than Honeypot and easier than Captcha, of course, because the user does not notice it.

At the settings you get an overview of the forms. You can also add or remove them yourself.

Views Slideshow Cycle2

Views slideshow is a convenient way to propose content. She uses the third party 'Cycle' library.

There has always been a problem to make this completely responsive. Witness the years of discussions on the forums.

An example ... when resizing your screen from large to small ... The image is responsive but the block is not. The content is much too low. By updating your browser you can solve this, but this is not really professional.



Simple multi step form

The input form of a content type can be entered step by step with this module. An alternative to Field Group.

In the form presentation you can add the pages.


The pages emerge as a tab. At the bottom you do not get 'Save' but 'Next' until you reach the last step.


Floating Menu

A menu block that stays on the edge ... even with images as a menulink .. This module takes care of that. The menu block remains on the edge, absolutely positioned.