Admin Menu Search

Admin Menu Search intends to help admin to search through the list of menus available in Drupal Toolbar providing autocomplete list. Providing a fast access to all administration links for keyboard lovers.

Requirements: Admin Toolbar, Admin Toolbar Tools

Install the modules as usual

That's it.

Press Alt + m on your keyboard and the Admin Menu Search box will appeare. Now you can type keywords like Views, Module, Preformance and the direct link to the corresponding page will appear.

Styled Google Map

The module create a styled Google map.

Install the Styled Google Map module and Geofield module as normal.
Go to your project/drupal root and run from your project root : composer require "phayes/geophp
Once it's done downloading it should appear in your project root /vendor/phayes folder.

Create a new content type with a geofield field.
In Manage display you choose for Google Map Field as format.  In the settings you can change the width en height size of the map but also add a custom style for your map in  Map Style.


With the Facet module, site builders can easily create and manage facets of search interfaces. You can see this a lot on webshops.

Content Access

This module allows you to determine access at content type level.

Who is allowed to see, modify, create the nodes? Can be set per roll.

You go to your content type. A tab has been added with access rights.


You can even determine whether you can still set the rights per node or not.



You can use CSS to make every piece of your page Sticky. A menu bar then remains at the top when scrolling. You give the section a class or ID name and you add position: sticky. A CSS instruction that is fairly recent. Older browsers can not do this.


The Sticky module does the same with more options.

Look at the menu.




Link target

The link field can be set globally at the view to open the links in another window or the same.

If you now want to determine per node (actually per link) what the target of the hyperlink is, this is a useful module. A widget will be added to the form input.


Now you can choose per link where you are going. Useful to keep internal links on your site and open external links in a new window.


A module that hides some things for the user. For example, you always get a complete explanation of a text field which html can be used and which can not. Disturbing ... With Simplify you can hide this and other things.

So it is normal:


I'm going to hide the explanation of the text format.


Color field

A module that allows you to choose a color. You wonder what this can serve for? Well ... I combine it with the Token module and I let someone determine the background color of the site without the person needing Drupal knowledge.

An example


You can also choose the Color spectrum instead of the HTML5 widget.