Elevate Image Zoom

A clever representation of images in one field. The module provides a performance similar to Fotorama but also has a zoom capability.

It is a third party.


Na de installatie komt er bij de weergave een mogelijkheid bij.



Slider Widget

Simple module that allows you to display a number or a range (in combination with the Range module) as a slider.


Combine with the  Range module...


You can set the with, color, direction,..

H5P - Create and Share Rich Content and Applications

You can not discuss this module in a few words. It is worth a separate course. Made by and for educational institutions, but nothing prevents you from integrating this into an 'ordinary' site. This is now easy to do since a field type has been added: H5P

For the institutions I refer to their extensive site. https://h5p.org

In the form, you set the input to H5P Editor. You can also upload H5P items yourself, but we are not that far yet.

MixItUp Views

Surprisingly simple and clever module that allows you to simulate Facets without the difficult settings and search engines that are needed for Facets! The view has a nice built-in animation that is also fully responsive ..

You have to install it with composer. They themselves offer a zip alternative, but this does not work well.

After the installation with composer there are files in the Vendormap, which you have to move to the libraries folder. The patrickkunka folder may then remain empty.

Entity Browser

A very useful module, for example, to use in reference fields. Complex because of the configuration.

I will explain this module with a case. We want to create a form that allows visitors to indicate products from which they want more information. They do this on the basis of a view used by the Entity Browser. In this view you can also filter, which solves the problem that occurs in many forums. With Entity Reference you can not (for the time being) filter.

Feeds Tamper

The Feeds module to import data is not usable without Feeds Tamper. This module ensures, for example, that the data from your import file fits into a multiple field. You can then separate the terms with a comma in one column and the Feeds Tamper will then read this comma as for each new item.


A module that allows you to transfer content from one node to a new node in another content type. You choose which fields you transfer. Suppose a visitor looks at a node (for example a product) and that you provide a request information button, about this product with a nodeform ....

At the bottom of the node of the product is this button:


Read only mode

If you are updating your website, it is recommended to put your site in maintenance mode. Then, no content can be added via webforms. This would give a problem as the site is not ready to receive this new data.

The disadvantage is that your site can no longer be viewed. This module solves this problem. Your site will remain visible, but no new content can be added.

You put the site in read only mode via the maintenance page.