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Views List sort

You have a list in a field of your content type. eg monday, tuesday, wednesday,... etc.

Sorting on this field gives the alfabetical order (asc or desc). So the list order is not respected. This module allows you to take the list order for sorting (asc or desc). Activate 'Sort by allowed values'.


Menu item visibility

You want to hide some menu-items for some visitors? This module makes it happen.


If you choose the last option then one can not access the node by typing the path.


Anonymous visitors don't see the link.

Add Another

This simple module allows you to add another node when saving one. Handy when you have to make several nodes of one content type.


You can configure the settings for every content type. You need to save existing content types again, in order to apply the settings.


Field Formatter Filter

A module that does not seem to be really useful at first sight, but still has its usefulness.

First, a word about text formats. Full, simple and limited HTML and plain text are standard in Drupal 8. Each has its own HTML capabilities and limitations. For example, you can not display images in limited HTML and you can not use CSS and Javascript in simple HTML. Things you can set yourself by the way.

This module allows you to choose what you want in the display of a text field, regardless of what you used in the input.


This module lets images float left and right in the CKEditor alternately.


You can switch the first image.. Works with the insert module too...

When you don't want to autofloat... you need to use the class 'nofloat'.


Node Clone

As administrator you get a 'clone content' button. Default the name of the clone is... yep 'Clone of'... You can edit the whole node..



File (Field) Paths

On a Drupal site, one uses a lot of images and files... The name of these files is the same on the server as on your computer. Not always good to keep it simple.

This module can rename while uploading.


After uploading


An example..storing the files in a folder 'mytest' with the name picture.???

Views System

A module specially made for administrators.. One can make views with it that go into the Drupal core for its content. Module and theme views are possible now.

A view with the installed themes and their information.


How to make the views...See the new Module/Theme possibility.


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