Fontawesome is a module that allows you to bring icons to your website without having to upload them. Just think of the icon for an airport, a toilet, fire hazard, etc ...

Fontawesome works with an external library. You have the choice to install it in /libraries/fontawesome or have it loaded via a CDN

This module provides a CKEditor plugin to allow users to select Fontawesome icons directly from the editor, as well as a Fontawesome Icon Field to attach directly to entities.

Ckeditor Speak2type

An almost useless module but it is fun.

Install and activate the third party. Activate the micrphone button in your text format.


When recording a red button appears.


Speak.. and  yes the text appears.. It works very well in the language you installed. Useless? You can not dictate new sentences or paragraphs.


CKEditor Quicktable

If you want to use a table in the CKEditor you need to fill in the number of rows and columns as numbers. This widget allows you to mouse over and click when ready. The table show up.


You need to activate the button in the text format of your choise. Here you see the button. In the display you see only one. They are grouped. When you want to use the old widget, click more...


A special area for catching attention..Boxout. It has his own layout. (see the box on the right)


Add the button in your text format.


On click add the content. Done.


Simple Image Popup

This module allows you to use pictures in the CKEditor text fields that popup by clicking. It is not a gallery.. One image at the time.. It is usefull when you put small pictures in the text. Visitors can look at them in full size by clicking.

You can also use this module as an image field formatter. There are better modules for that though.

Activate the button


add images